5 Warning Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is pretty hard to miss in the home. However, many people neglect the severity of it. While it can be pretty obvious whether your home has faced some form of water damage, finding the source and preventing more problems can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are signs that you can look for to prevent the damage from worsening. Here are the top five to look out for.

Your Home Smells Musty
If you’ve walked around your home and said to yourself, “it smells like an old basement in here”, that could be a sign that you have mold. And when a mold outbreak happens, it’s usually due to water damage. The smells occur from what is known as microbial volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and they have a similar smell to wet cardboard. Try to identify the source of the smell and look out for other signs of damage.

There is Visible Mold
As mentioned before, having a mold infestation is typically the starting signs of water damage. Mold grows in wet, moist environments. And if you see mold forming on the baseboards, walls, or caulk, it could likely have grown due to water damage. Check your bathrooms and basement to find the source of the damage.

Ceiling Stains
One of the most obvious signs of water damage is a yellowish patch on the ceiling. If you come across one of these stains, it is more than likely there is water damage. You must contact professional home remediators upon discovering a stain, as you don’t want the stain to grow larger and cause more damage.

Peeling Wallpaper or Paint
Peeling walls can come at a moment’s notice. While the peeling paint or wallpaper might seem sudden, it usually isn’t the result of immediate water damage. Once the damage penetrates the wall, the paint will begin to peel. One day your walls are fine, the next they peel. Peeling is incredibly sudden, but it is the result of lingering water damage.

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Normal
One of the most tell-tale signs that you have an issue with water damage is a spike in your monthly bill. This usually occurs when there is a leak in the home. It could be a minor leak that is visible, but oftentimes the leak is not within eyes-reach. This is when you need a professional team to inspect your home and inspect for any water damage.

Water damage can be devastating to a home, especially if it is not mitigated early on. In the event you come across one of these signs, you should always rely on the help of trusted professional home remediators, to ensure that the damage and possible mold spread doesn’t get out of hand.