You Can’t Escape Water Damage in the Winter

Water damage can happen at any time of the year. It will damage your home or business by destroying carpet, walls, cabinets, and so much more. This type of water damage is possible even during the colder months of the year, which may surprise you since the water freezes. Here are some things to know and water damage prevention you can do during winter.

Water Damage Prevention (Why it’s important)
Water may freeze in water pipes when temperatures reach below freezing. You may think that water damage can’t happen, but water will still flow through the water pipes at the water pressure that is built up. This water can also freeze inside water lines, expand, and cause water leaks or damage to your home.

In addition, water damage can also happen when water that is on the ground outside freezes. When water seeps into your foundation and gets frozen, water can expand and cause water damage. To prevent water from entering your foundation, you will want to apply water sealant or try to waterproof the water.

Water damage prevention is important for businesses and homes to take proper measures to protect what you have worked so hard for.
Water damage can occur at any time of the year, even during winter. To eliminate any water damage, water must be removed as well as water-damaged items. If your home has experienced significant water damage, it’s crucial to contact a professional water damage restoration company.