Minnesota Mold Remediation Services

When mold is left uncontrolled, it can spread nefariously throughout the property, causing significant damage not only to the property itself but also to those who are exposed to the infestation on a regular basis. If you think you might have a mold problem, contact Capital City Construction & Remediation and learn about our mold remediation services.

Indoor air quality is of the utmost concern as aging structures encounter progressive problems with moisture:

  • Leaking Roofs
  • Deteriorating Pipes
  • Weakened or Failing Foundations

In addition, severe storm damage or acts of vandalism can result in immediate and catastrophic moisture problems.

These issues can be prevented with the help of local professionals that specialize in mold remediation. At Capital City Construction & Remediation, our technicians methodically clean the homes and commercial properties of our clients so that no occurrence of mold can be found.

Unfortunately, most people only learn about the unpleasant effects of mold growth in their house or office space after they experience health issues prompted by it. That is why it is recommended that your building undergo an inspection at the first sign of mold growth. This way, you can avoid suffering from health issues and experiencing costly damage to your property.

Capital City will evaluate the extent of your mold infestation, remediate the mold, and verify that the source of the problem has been alleviated. Our mold remediation process is differentiated by cleaning and removing mold in a professional manner without dependence on chemicals or coatings that superficially treat the area.

The Environmental Protection Agency has not established industry standards to govern the remediation of mold. However, our knowledge and experience with mold invasion comes through education, experience and close association with the most influential trade organizations that focus on mold treatments.

Capital City Construction & Remediation’s mold remediation technicians follow techniques developed and standardized by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). Our Minneapolis / St. Paul team preserves and secures the leading edge in mold remediation by adherence to the latest IICRC practices. We serve home and business owners throughout the entire seven county metro area.

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