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Mold is an invisible and toxigenic substance that grows inside homes, schools and the workplace. It can go undetected for years and can only be maximized by damp conditions.

Exposure can increase the risk of health problems such as asthma, allergies, and depression. According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, nearly all chronic sinus infections are caused from mold exposure.

Reactions to mold can happen throughout the year and only becomes more harmful the longer it is present in your home. Here are the facts about the harm of mold in the home and the extent of what it can do.

While there are different varieties of mold, there is some general commonality. Mold tends to grow where the air is humid. When the conditions of the space allow mold to grow toxins, health conditions of those in the surrounding area can deteriorate.

Mold can hide in places such as kitchen cabinets, basements and crawl spaces, and drywall. The most common places for mold to populate are bathrooms and kitchens because of the frequent use of water and lack of proper ventilation.

Some of the most dangerous types of mold can’t be seen and are inherently airborne. This causes increased exposure and causes the most harmful health problems associated with mold.

The toxins from mold not only affect the body’s immune system, but the central nervous system as well. When the nervous system is exposed to toxins, brain functions like problem solving, memory, and impulses become impacted.

People with underlying health conditions are more sensitive to mold than others. For some, only a small amount of exposure can result in detrimental health effects. Some of the biggest factors for risk levels are age and general health. Older people or those with compromised immune systems will experience more of a negative impact than healthy adults.

Physical signs of mold exposure can result in itchy and/or watery eyes to asthma and airway problems. Others may experience nausea, fatigue, sinus infections and breathing complications.

Regarding the nervous system in particular, mold has been known to cause headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrating.

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