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Black mold can create big problems for your home or business. Black mold is ugly, it smells bad and it’s bad for your health. But it can also destroy your home if left unattended. Here are the ways black mold can damage a house.

Black mold feeds on organic materials. So if your walls are made of wood, then black mold can destroy it. Mold can also destroy your ceiling, floorboards and even your home’s foundation. Mold will slowly eat away your wall and other parts of your house to the point that your house may collapse. Of course, it’s a slow process. Your house will not instantly collapse at the first instance of black mold. But materials that are damaged by mold are almost impossible to repair.

If you have wooden furniture, then it’s also susceptible to being destroyed by black mold. If you have a couch with wooden parts, for example, then mold can destroy its wooden frame and even the upholstery. Your mattress, carpet and even your wallpaper can also be contaminated with mold. The problem with having mold on your furniture is that you can’t simply clean it to remove the mold. The best thing to do is to discard and replace the contaminated furniture.

You need to check your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for the presence of black mold. The problem with having black mold in your HVAC system is that mold can quickly spread to other parts of your home as your system blows air through the ducts. You need to stop using your HVAC system if you suspect it to have mold. You need to have it checked and cleaned first.

If you have a black mold problem in your Eden Prairie home you should take action right away. Immediately call a professional who can inspect your home, assess the damage and help you get rid of black mold.

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