Remove the Mold in Your Lakeville Home!

Tiny mold spores exist in most areas, outdoors and indoors, which can make it very difficult to remove from your home of office. Since mold spores are so microscopic, they can travel through the air and enter into your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or possibly on your family pets.

Inside, mold can be hiding and be spreading behind walls, under carpets, in ducts or over ceilings. The longer that mold sits on your property, the more damage it has the potential to cause. In order to prevent and stop the mold from spreading in your home or office is by contact a professional mold removal company. Capital City Construction can deliver a mold abatement solution that’s precisely matched, quickly implemented and comprehensively scaled to remove mold and prevent it from coming back!

Capital City Construction offers professional mildew and mold remediation services in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. We invite you to contact us today regarding your mold remediation needs.

Find mildew removal and mold remediation in Minnesota. Our disaster cleaning services professionals have seen firsthand severe mold damage caused by sitting water in a home. You can avoid adding mold to the water damage issues you must deal with by putting our home restoration professionals on the case.

For your protection and confidence, we carry occurrence insurance that is specific to mold remediation of your property. We work hard to exceed the safety and environmental standards set by the federal government.

You know you’ll always get top quality service from us because our professionals are trained in the latest techniques of mold abatement and remediation. We offer assessment and insights to correct your mold intrusion and contamination problems that other companies don’t have the experience or knowledge to provide.

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