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Was your home caught in a recent storm that left your roof, siding, or gutters damaged? We are a locally owned and operated family business with expertise in storm damage repair and are here to help in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area. Schedule a FREE INSPECTION to assess the extent of any potential hail or wind damage. It’s important to have a professional contractor help you through the restoration process. Our fully licensed and insured experts will work with your insurance adjusters to get the job done right and ensure your home is protected once more. Contact Capital City Construction & Remediation now to restore your home!

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    Weather Unpredictability

    Regardless of time of the year, those of us living in the Twin Cities understand what it means to endure severe weather. Our homes and business truly see a 180-degree flip within six months. In February, we could see record-setting low temperatures and a blizzard that drops 16 inches of snow. In June, we could see record-setting heat alongside unpredictable storm fronts with torrential rain, winds and hail. Capital City is here to provide a quick response and jump in feet first to help remedy your storm damage emergency. You can never predict when you’ll need repair for damage a storm has caused to your home, but rest assured that Capital City is a call away from providing our expert, efficient contractors to solve your repair needs.

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    We Are Versatile & Effective

    If your home or business has the damage, Capital City has seen it and repaired it many times over. Our experienced team has seen it all, and when it comes to unpredictable weather events that cause the need for hail damage repair, a leaky roof or damaged siding repair, we thrive in completing an exceptional job in a tight timeframe to ensure your home or business is back to normal as quickly as possible. If your home has been affected by hail storms, strong winds, heavy rain and more, Capital City is ready to provide the proper repair solution. Our team has the durable materials and craftsmanship necessary to repair storm-damaged siding, gutters, windows and roofs to make them stand against the elements once again. Plus, our industry-leading expertise in water damage and mold remediation will ensure your home is not permanently affected by water getting into your home.

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    Advocating For You

    We work closely with your insurance. Especially in this trying time both emotionally and financially, we know the importance of having a driven advocate for getting your unexpected home repair covered and taken care of as quickly as possible. We can act as your advocate and work with your insurance to make the claims process much easier and straightforward to get the recent storm damage repairs you need. Our quickness and attention to detail are second-to-none. This makes Capital City your go-to option for speedy repairs done right when heavy storms arrive and wreak havoc on your home and business. Our team of dedicated contractors is committed to getting your project done the right way as fast as possible, meaning your home is once again sealed and adequately protected from the elements while being done before more weather events have a chance to do further damage. Contact our team today at 651-994-6844 to start your project right away!