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If you have been looking for someone to replace your windows, you have come to the right place! We’ll eliminate your window-related problems. The professionals at Capital City Construction & Remediation provide superior window replacement and window installation services for homeowners in Eagan and the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. After the new windows are selected for your home or place of business, our team will begin the installation process. We are experienced working with any and all window styles, and invite you to contact our team of home improvement experts to learn about our fast and affordable replacement solutions today.

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Improve Your Space

There are many reasons to replace your old windows. Old or low quality windows are susceptible to leaks and air issues, which can increase your energy costs, especially in Minnesota’s harsh weather. In addition, older windows on your home can appear out-of-date or unappealing. Switching out these windows with new replacement ones will help provide your home with the appearance you desire and enhance its curb appeal. New windows will offer more effective noise control from outdoor noises, and can even offer stronger security elements. Replacing your old windows will make your house look more attractive and improve its value.


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Proper installation is crucial to the endurance of your windows. Even the inexpensive window, when installed properly, will last longer and work better than an expensive window installed improperly. Make the best of your investment with superior products and professional installation. We are the perfect window installation and replacement company for those looking to improve their home’s comfort, security and overall appeal. To schedule your free consultation in the Twin Cities, don’t hesitate to contact our window replacement service online, by phone or in person. We are looking forward to serving you and improving your home’s value!