Color is This Year’s Top Roofing Trend

Using a stunning color is a top trend in roofing this year. Homeowners are trending away from the traditional earth tones to embrace new ideas, including bright white, brilliant red and even blue.

Non-traditional materials are being used by homeowners for their roofing needs as well. Although asphalt shingles are still a primary option for many homes, the roofing industry is seeing more orders for stainless-steel and titanium.

Are You Thinking About a New Color for Your Roof?

If you are thinking about making a dramatic change to the color of your roof, below are some recommendations to consider.

Know what your HOA will allow.

Non-traditional roof colors may not be permitted by your homeowner’s association. Check your paperwork to determine what is allowed in your neighborhood.

Pick the right metal for your roof.

A copper roof, though high in cost, would potentially last for more than a century. Galvanized steel is much cheaper, which is why it is more popular, and will last between 15-40 years depending on local conditions.

Budget the cost.

The average price of a metal roof installed is about double the cost of a roof with asphalt shingles.

Be comfortable with the color.

Because a new metal roof is a long-term investment, you must be comfortable with the color you choose.

Get a great finish.

A metal roof ages well when it is given a high-quality finish.

If you have the option, use samples to try out different metal and color combinations to see what your roof would look like. Then purchase the style and color you prefer to enjoy a great roof.

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