Understanding Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold is often referred to as a “silent killer”. It lurks in the darkest and most elusive places in your home. It can be especially prevalent in basements and corners where dampness and moisture allows it to grow out of control. It is a fungus, and it is a living organism.

While some forms of mold have been helpful in medicine, it is generally a nuisance. Commonly seen in kitchens, it can deteriorate most food products. Did you know that mold can damage your home in the same way?

Mold has an ability to break down organic material. This produces a major internal threat to your health when mold invades your house. The health impacts can vary from mild allergic reactions to major lung infections that can even be deadly.

You can determine its presence by discoloration signs as well as its musty odor. Because there are so many types of mold, it is important to know the type of mold that has invaded your home.

Both health care and insurance companies are often involved with this problem today. This is because mold can make you sick. It can also ruin your possessions. It has caused residents to have to leave their homes for extended periods of time, or permanently.

Mold cannot always been seen by the naked eye. That is why it is important to contact an experience professional to perform the task of finding it for you. Capital City Construction & Remediation utilizes a range of techniques to both confirm the presence of mold and repair damage caused by its growth. In addition, we can provide you with preventative solutions.

If you suspect that you have mold growth in your home, contact Capital City Construction & Remediation for a professional inspection. You can reach us online or by phone at 651-994-6844.

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