Why the Fall Season Can Raise the Risk of Water Damage

With Summer winding down, Fall is right around the corner. Being a transitional season, water damage issues can arise. Ice and snow are, mostly, far out in the future, but autumn weather can bring wet and rainy days. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid possible water damage exclusive to the fall time.

Clean Your Gutters

One of the biggest contributing factors to water damage in the fall is neglecting to clean your gutters. Leaves will clod up your downspouts and gutters. When there are periods of substantial rain, the gutters can overflow and spill down the walls of your home’s exterior. This can cause enough penetration and make its way into the wall cavities. If you are not comfortable with clearing your gutters, there is always the option of hiring a professional to do it for you.

Hurricane Season

Late summer and early fall is hurricane season for coastal areas. While most of the landlocked states won’t experience a hurricane, the weather can still impact many other states. Typically, periods of wet and windy weather will follow. Make sure your roof is inspected regularly, and your exterior isn’t showing any signs of leakage.

Water damage can be incredibly catastrophic. Unfortunately, all it takes is one significant weather event. Make sure your home is prepared for the coming season, but if you do experience water damage to any extent, you should always trust the professionals to take care of and solve the problem.