Why Summer Air Duct Cleaning is Important

Throughout the year, your air ducts collect dirt and other pollutants that spread whenever the air conditioning is turned on. Dust, first, and pollen can all be circulating within the home. As air conditioners run rampant in the warm months, dirty and dusty air ducts become a problem. They can make for poor indoor air quality, which in turn, has several implications for our health and wellbeing. Here’s why you should consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned every summer.

Removes Allergens
Did you know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air? Poor indoor air quality can be six times worse than that of what is outside. Whenever a door or window is opened, pollutants and pollen enter the home. AC filters are designed to filter out these pollutants, but unfortunately, many times homeowners neglect proper cleaning. This can lead to dirty air ducts that require professional cleaning.

Enhances Your Air Conditioners Performance
Having your air ducts cleaned for the summertime is essential for creating cool and enjoyable environments. When you have your air ducts cleaned regularly, approximately once every two years, you prevent any issues with clogging that your AC unit may face. This will help you enjoy your time indoors more, as well as help you breathe easier. Regular air duct cleaning can also enhance your AC’s lifespan.