Air Duct Cleaning Services for Home and Business Owners

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

Most home and business owners understand the value of having their HVAC equipment examined on a regular basis. Unfortunately, air ducts are often overlooked until the entire system malfunctions, creating potentially costly problems that could have been easily avoided. The air ducts in your home or commercial structure have an essential role. They distribute the air from your heating and cooling system in and out of every room. This provides you and your family, guests or employees with comfort while indoors, irrespective of the season.

Our Process

Furthermore, all of the air in a home or building circulates through the air ducts numerous times per day. This air is the same air that fills your indoor atmosphere. It is the same air that every occupant of a structure breathes. That is why it is important that it is free of contaminants. Duct cleaning refers to the elimination of dust and toxins in the ductwork. This consists of the supply and return air ducts, in addition to the registers and diffusers in your rooms. Our vacuums remove the dust / fragments, stopping them from re-circulating in the building.

Why Choose Us?

Regular duct cleaning is essential to guarantee healthy long-term indoor air quality. Using only top tier HEPA filtration systems means we have the equipment and know how to ensure you are left with vastly improved air quality. Minnesota’s Capital City Construction & Remediation has been providing duct cleaning to our Minneapolis – St. Paul clients since the beginning as a part of our whole house service package. Contact Capital City today and ask about our whole house duct cleaning package starting at $225.