Signs You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The majority of home and business owners do not know how to determine their air ventilation needs to inspected and cleaned. In most cases, mildew, mold, and other kinds of bacteria will accumulate if your ducts are left to gather dirt and additional pollutants. If your ducts are left untreated, the people inside your home or commercial structure may begin to experience headaches due to unclean or poor air quality.

Read on to learn about the primary signs that your air duct system needs to be inspected and-or cleaned.

  • When the air return grilles placed in your walls start to accumulate black fuzzy dust along the vanes.
  • You start to see a layer of dust returning shortly after you have finished dusting your home thoroughly.
  • The filters in your air system begin to showcase black dust on them.
  • You experience stuffy and dry air throughout your office premises or home.
  • You have very high utility bills as a result of poor heated air transfer.
  • The occupants of the home or office sneeze more frequently, particularly when air starts to flow.
  • There is an increase of attacks among those with asthma.

A renovation project could have an impact on the way your heating and ventilation system operates. For example, if you are performing any sort of demolition work, the dust that results from this project can become airborne and will travel straight through your duct system, eventually clogging up the filters. It is vital that you keep yourself apprised of the damage and health issues that this work can have on your duct system. Even a simple act like painting your walls can stir up a significant amount of dust, which in turn can have an impact on how effective your air duct system is.

One of the first items you should address after buying a new home or commercial structure is to have a professional come in and inspect the ventilation system in place and establish whether there are any airborne contaminants present. When you consider that we spend almost 75 percent of our time indoors, it comes as no surprise why we should take time to ensure that we breathe quality indoor air.

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